MD 210 Left Turn Lane

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MD 210 Left Turn Lane

The Asphalt pavement in the south bound left-hand turning lane was severely rutted and deteriorated. This busy, viagra high-traffic intersection receives about 300 loaded dump trucks per day making the same left turn. This was a frequent maintenance issue for SHA District 3 as the asphalt needed regular resurfacing with the most recent rehabilitation being less than two years before the more durable concrete solution.

The concrete solution, consisted of removing the existing asphalt of the 225 feet long, 13 foot wide lane with six inches of aggregate base, and nine inches of concrete with transverse joints every 15 feet and transverse tined for surface texture. The lane was closed on a Saturday to minimize traffic interruption and returned to service by the end of the day based on reaching 2,000 psi.

Location: Intersection of MD Route 210 and Old Fort Road, Fort Washington, MD

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